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Carver Scientific has assembled a team of individuals with a depth of experience critical to the successful invention and commercialization of new technologies. Each individual contributes a unique set of technical and business skills required to progress and commercialize products.

David Carver, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist

Dr. Carver serves as the Chief Scientist and leads all company research & development. He is a company co-founder and inventor of the technologies to be commercialized by Carver Scientific. David also serves as a director of the Company.

Dr. Carver received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Virginia Tech and was a National Institute of Health Postdoctoral Fellow at Colorado State University.

He is the holder of over 20 patents in the areas of advanced energy technologies, organic synthesis, and analytical instrumentation.

Dr. Carver is recognized as an innovator of novel Chemistry for alternative energy technologies and pharmaceutical development. He previously founded several successful corporations which, under his direction, invented, developed, and commercialized a diverse and complex set of core technologies with similar risks and complexity.

Jerry Lyons

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Lyons serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Carver Scientific and is responsible for all business and financial management. He is a company co-founder and specializes in early stage emerging business models and high growth technology companies.

He graduated from Georgetown University with a BSBA in Accounting and received his CPA from New York State. Mr. Lyons spent eleven years in public accounting and twenty years serving as Financial Officer for early stage and high growth technology companies.

Ritchie Priddy

Business Development Director

Mr. Priddy is responsible for nurturing the relationships that lead to opportunities with our future business partners. He has extensive experience in the regulated and unregulated energy industries and is a frequent speaker and prolific publisher with over 100 articles and presentations on current and forward-looking energy-related topics.

He has extensive experience in working with industry participants and end users to find solutions and opportunities for technologies within emerging and existing energy markets. His background includes experience in infrastructure security, demand side management, demand response, corporate sustainability evolution, distributed energy, and clean energy technologies.